"Solving Weight Loss in Highly Efficient Ways for One's Ideal Lean Body..."

Weight Loss Programs – Comprehensive Programs that Include Workouts, Eating Plans, Protocols, Supplements & Supporting Additional Helpful Strategies


Our weight loss programs are complete plans of actions for the objective of obtaining a lean body.

The programs are designed to work from various stages of body fat percentage. If one has greater body fat percentage they would simply apply the program a bit longer.

Now we use the term program to incorporate: An overall system, with the protocols, action steps, supporting supplements, a diet – a systematic way of eating, and a systematic way of exercise. So the program would be a complete action plan where one doesn’t have to guess what to do.

We take it very practical approach towards weight loss to a lean body. We have found that by using traditional ” fitness industry” antiquated concepts, there are too many missing gaps in the process. The usual fitness industry process seems like it’s collecting a lot of information and sounds “professional” but ultimately creates a lot of excess work, time involvement and consequently strain which causes failure in a lot

of people or strings out the process usually so you pay them more monthly fees… We found a better way that is far more practical, enjoyable and doable. Your body is extremely complex with many overlapping factors. And the best way to process the volumes of information is to use our biofeedback and perceived exertion methods. This will speed up the process of weight loss in obtaining a lean body while making the process a lot more enjoyable thereby increasing the success rate of achieving a lean body.

So if you’re interested in getting the job of obtaining a lean body done well gaining knowledge, standing an Insight so you can retain your lean body while increasing your health and fitness to greater and greater levels then consider joining our MAGNALEAN Lean Body Restoration Program below: