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Weight Loss Protocols

These protocols are not prescriptions nor are they taken to be advice.  These protocols are regimens, groupings of supplements or foods or activities grouped into a focused intention that we have designed for ourselves through our research, other's research including clinical studies,

What's the difference between a protocol and a system?

A protocol in our opinion, is a grouping of things to take and do.   A system would provide exact abc 123 steps of action that would incorporate items in a protocol.

Why is there even a difference? In that case shouldn't everything be a system? No because individuals are so different and knowledge is so fast and accessible that those with some experience can take a protocol and develop their own system out of that. A protocol gives a person the Raw components of a formula that they would adjust to suit themselves.

That said the systems mindset is a certain mindset. Systems are powerful. They take the real time decision making process out of the picture. Why is that important? Because in real time we humans can only process so much information at once.  Plus our emotions can get in the way of our decision-making. We can get easily distracted.

When we reduce an effective behavioral pattern into a cerebral set of actions, that we eventually turn into a habit, then we can add a significant "mini superpower" to ourselves. Also a system is important if not almost required for fat loss, in order to achieve our lean body goals due to the time frame it takes to coax our complex bodies of all sorts of checks and balances into a new state of being, a lean state of being!

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