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A note on our fat burning programs, strategies, dies and systems: Our fat burning systems were designed by us and for us after decades of experimentation.  

  • We aim for efficiency which means that we look to get more results with less time and effort (vs. traditional old means of dieting and exercise which take "forever" while taking too much time per day and too much effort that is not doable by the average busy person who has other things to do besides exercise and cook multiple hours per day...)
  • A system is a pre-figured out set of rules "abc 123".  We like to use systems as much as possible since that makes it much easier to execute over the span of time it takes to burn off fat and build muscle to shape the body.
  • We take a health optimization approach derived on philosophies of ours and many of the greatest healers, the greatest health care professionals of all time since doing so is directly related to achieving highly efficient results in modern times. 

What is a system? A system is a set of rules that one does over and over without skipping, guessing or trying to make decisions in real time since the decisions are pre-made by the system. A system is developed by testing and optimization overtime to create a method that is potentially much more efficient being able to get much more results with less error. A system for weight loss is especially important for success because a system takes out the decision making process in real time there so one won't get lost in their emotions and make incorrect decisions. Most people fail in their weight loss efforts, in their fat burning efforts because: 

  • 1. The fat burning process is not linear and happens over a spread out period of time so a system for fat burning keeps you on track to methodically burn off the excess fat. A system would simply be applied as long as needed who she'd be results one wants to achieve.
  • 2. It pulls us out of "push button thinking" which certainly does not work when one is trying to obtain a lean body and burn off excess fat. It also pulls us out of " make it happen" thinking or "get it done" thinking which is not effective and weight loss since the process is not linear nor is it a single "thing" to be done but a process
  • 3. Helps us prevent from getting emotional. Emotional decision makings are usually almost always incorrect and will very likely take us off course.
  • 4. It keeps us on a methodical plan that can methodically melt fat away.
  • 5. It keeps us out of the realm of listening to our bodies emotional feelings that will usually give you ideas for the body's maximum comfort (i.e. ' you know I would really feel a lot better if you just ate a couple of cupcakes...' - that type of thinking we just don't need.)
  • 6. A system keeps the perspective that you are on a specific plan for a specific reason for a specific period of time. So therefore it keeps you focused on completing the plan and helps you prevent from feeling that a diet weight loss plan is just never ending misery. And that type of emotional thinking will not set well with your subconscious. If your subconscious perceives that you are hurting yourself it will stop you and cause you to stop whatever weight loss, fat burning program you're doing.

MAGNLEAN Membership Traning Programs

Fat Burning Diets Monthly Fat Loss Diets / Weight Loss Diets Monthly -

Receive a New Eating Protocol Monthly for Optimal Leaness, to Obtain and Keep a Flat Belly, Lean Hips, Firm Legs & a General Toned Body...

Understand that our bodies get used to diets overtime. Most of  us while on a diet quickly do subtle slight things to get off the diet in order to get back into a comfort zone a the first sign of discomfort or emotional craving. So as the pros know you want to keep your body off guard so your body can be " tricked" into continually burning excess body fat and shaping the lean body you would like.

These days it's way too easy to accumulate excess body fat due to modern lifestyles and also negative factors in the environment caused by modern living. So therefore an intelligent, strategic diet approaches can be very beneficial to automatically combat in these negative health factors by cleansing out every nook and cranny of our body and by supplying the nutrients we need.

Also it is important to understand that we personally can get pretty bored with a diet after 3 weeks. So it's always more fun to change up our diet every three to four weeks. So if we remain in a state of having fun while keeping our dieting interesting then our subconscious will support our efforts. If we make our diet really boring or painful then our subconscious will go against us and get us to do other things and eat other things that may not necessarily be in our lean body interests. 

So try EVERLEAN30 monthly "eating system protocols" monthly (a new strategic eating plan based on our 3 decades plus experience in solving problems in the health, fitness & bodybuilding worlds.  Learn and BURN! 

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MAGNAKOR Health Restoration Program for Monthly

Learn from our monthly education and habit replacement systems to add and stack a health "mini super power" monthly. You can see from our methodical monthly systems how we implement one by one a new health habit that brings us great health, great strength, great agility, great eyesight, great organ functioning, great libido, great hair, great skin, anti-aging, reverse aging and so much more...

If you haven't noticed, a great percentage of the population these days are living in extremely poor health (yet most don't even know it and think that " this is just the way it is" (which is not true)). Most people are one more step away from disaster. Disease is rampant. Chemical poisoning is rampant. Drug disasters are rampant. Cancer is rampant. Such a large percentage of people are miserable physically and emotionally. And so on... But you know that right? Regardless let's aim positive.

You can be GREAT! Aim to have GREAT health even super health, beyond what is considered "normal" or good health. It's time to raise the standards. It's time to be more super. It's time to be great and establish great health unto ourselves.

We believe we can do this by going in layers month by month, installing a new health habit law on installing a previous bad Health habit. We do this by seeking to install a new doable layer of improvement each month that has quantifiable and significant looking to stack those layers of improvement into powerfully compounding health habits. We look to use habit programing for the purpose of making GREAT health as automatic as possible.

When you create a habit it's like you're creating a mini super power. It takes very little effort or thought to do a habit because the action that forms the habit gets taken over by our powerful subconscious mind, greatly reducing the feeling of effort. We have found that this habit programing is a powerful key to health success.

Register for MAGNAKOR Monthly Health Restoration Program and get started.  It could be one of the best things you've every done!

The Lean Body Restoration Program - is a complete program month by month for achieving a lean body and shaping the body to your ideal look. This program gets the job done education and step by step monthly systems. After going through our The Lean Body Restoration Program you're going to be very well educated and trained in order to obtain your ideal lean body now and on command simply and easily into the future.

Learn from our variety of advanced consents, strategies, tricks & systems learned from the health, fitness and bodybuilding world. If you're looking to finally get the job done because master painting a lean body in addition to a bunch of other Associated benefits then join our program. The most valuable things you do.

Fat Burning Workouts Monthly

These are check list systems of different types of workouts and ways to workout monthly that we've created to be more efficient, saving time while obtaining results more quickly.

Our TORCH30 membership program is designed to represent a full plan of action on a monthly basis for a lean body, the eradication of excess fat, through creative, tested, body shaping and toning methods for the purposes of a good-looking, lean, toned and ideally shaped body.

Fat Burning Workouts Programs & Fat Burning Systems
MAGNALEAN EXTREME SYSTEM - As the name indicates, is a program was designed for rapid visible fat loss. This program takes advanced methods that use our CYCLOBURN principle as well as FEELGOOD principle which means that this system pushes rapid fat loss while coordinating still with the psychological & physiological balance that is necessary to coordinate with our subconscious mind and keep it happy which therefore can lead to great success fast without misery and without negative feelings of wanting to quit and Yoyo. Come to think of it this system is quite genius and is an accumulation of several decades of testing. This is definitely a fat burning system that you'll want to learn..  More Info
Professional-grade systemic body shredding, fat melting system. This is a more standard fat burning system that professionals (bodybuilders, fitness models, magazine models...) use to get absolutely ripped and shredded. That said we tweaked it a bit to make it a bit more efficient and interesting. So if you're looking to get the job done and finally just burn off, just torch off the rest of that excess body fat then you'll certainly want to learn this system. This is one of those systems for weight loss, for fat burning that is a must have, must know, must understand and must do. Learn what the pros know! Do what the pros do!
The ORGANIFICATION Diet - it's just what this planet needs right now because it is key to reversing modern fat loss and helping restore health. This diet two topics in one whereas we trigger into a lean body state which comes through the re acclimating the body towards foods it actually appreciates and that has a lot more energy and nutrient value while not having negative factors in the foods that make us fat and wreck our health. Find out the easy way to have a lean body. Restore your energy. Regore your confidence. Become more attractive and know it. Start turning heads. Restore your happiness. Vanquish the bad from within and install the good. Try ORGANIFICATION Diet and restore your natural, ideal, beautiful, lean, glowing perfect body to it's original ideal state.
We tweaked an old diet of ours into a new type of diet that we believe coordinates very well with the CARDIO X No Cardio Fat Burning System. We use an interesting nutrient timing method & system to optimize muscle growth while optimizing fat burning at the same time. This diet also teach you how to nutrient time much better so you can avoid storing foods as body fat. So let's say you ate a big pizza and then some cupcakes on top of it - this diet teaches you how to avoid getting fatter from eating such foods. Not that you want to eat junk food, but once you understand the principle behind how to avoid storing that junk as excess body fat and then you're going to be able to better master obtaining a your ideal lean & toned body more efficiently.
If the thought of having to do cardio fat burn precise makes you squirm, makes you scowl or generally brings you psychological pain then you're going to love this no cardio fat burning system. I traded this system out of many years of testing by converting a particular weight lifting system into a weightlifting / performance mind state type of system. And what ended up happening was, not only was I having a blast doing the system, I also started making rapid fat burning gains while shaping my body at the same time. So therefore I went to teach you this method and the mind state technique behind it which is very interesting!
OZMK METHOD Fat Incinerating Exercising Method is an intense biofeedback coordinating fat burning and muscle development, body shaping system. OZMK uses a new and unique style of exercise and movement that has shown phenomenal results quickly with little time involved.

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Flat Belly Habits Method & System is a very interesting psychological physiological method for "mindlessly" and "automatically" reprogramming oneself with specific habits while de-programming oneself of other habits to essentially obtain a lean and toned, glowing, healthy looking body that is very attractive without even "trying". Now "trying" means using the willpower which as you probably know by now is very weak and cannot last very long. This is why people who try to lose weight by using their willpower usually fail and often get even fatter. So what we do is we use some mind tricks, techniques, strategies methods for using our minds (yes we have more than one mind) to our advantage. And we create a new version of ourselves through mental emotional programming which really is not that hard. And this technique is powerful. Once you learn this performance and productivity technique and apply it to obtaining your lean body and finally getting that flat belly then you're going to have a skill that you can use for life on many different things as well. This is a must have program.
Dark Symbiotes Identification & Eradication Lean Body Easificaion Getting System

is a very interesting approach to lean body getting especially in these modern times. Lots of people don't understand the characteristic and nature of things. Every living thing has a voice and it can communicate. There are devices that you can hook up the plants and the plants will actually talk back to you and the device will put the plant's voice to sound. Did you know that? It's pretty wild.

People who say they have made trips to Heaven (and there are a bunch of those stories and testimonies out there) say that the plants and animals talk up there and converse with you in your own language. But down here in this realm communication is separated and there are many languages between humans making it difficult understand everyone. So what we found is that there is a way of gaining clarity on the different voices within you. And when you can differentiate the voice of your physical body versus other things in your body or around your head then you can make much better choices in what you eat and how you exercise.

Additionally there are more symbiotes in us (symbiotic bacteria) then there are cells of our own body. It's pretty mind-boggling, freaky, gross and fascinating all at the same time.

So what we want to do is get to know these different voices at least to a certain extent so we can now differentiate these voices of the Dark Symbiotes vs our physical body versus any good or "Light Symbiotes" (for the sake of contrasting "dark"). Because the Dark Symbiotes have a certain way of communicating with us that is quite clear once you get to know it. And once the voices of the Dark Symbiotes are exposed you'll realize what they are telling you to do in a very strong way is not good for your health or your lean body aspirations.

Check out this fascinating course and system! It may be your breakthrough that you needed desperately. Free yourself from the bondage of the Dark Symbiotes!
lean Body Reconstruction Habits(2)
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