"Solving Weight Loss in Highly Efficient Ways for One's Ideal Lean Body..."
OZMK Method

Body Shaping for Manifesting Your Personal Ideal Shape for a Lean & Toned Body

Fat Burning & Muscle Building Method at the SAME TIME Without Using Weights...

Discover a New Way of Moving with Fantastic Results All Done in Very Little Time that Can Replace Most Popular Exercise Movements While Saving You A Lot of Time, Delivering You Better Looking Results such with a TON of Health Benefits.

We've done some very interesting and creative experiments over the years to find more efficient ways of building muscle, shaping the body and becoming more lean all the same time. 

And we've taken that creativity to develop a new way to move in exercise. Because in a sense, your outcomes from exercise are mostly dependent on the WAY you move!

The WAY you move is a largely overlooked concept in most exercise programs, particularly weightlifting program. And when we are talking about the way you move we are talking about having a plan for every millimeter of movement along the path of an exercise movement. Yes every millimeter. You should be able to have an answer on what exactly to do every millimeter of the way otherwise guess what is going to happen? A high degree of inefficiency will happen where little parts of the exercise movement here and there usually up around 70% of that exercise movement, get glossed over with no particular purposeful execution, with no productive exercise movement thereby wasting your time while training bad habits into yourself.

Yes indeed there is a reason why people can go to the gym for a decade and essentially look the same, like they don't even work out. That's what happens in most people sad to say.

Instead, we're going to teach you away to rapidly accelerate your ability to generate and shaped muscle into to your most ideal desired look on purpose. In fact, you may be able to replace a decade's worth of working out in a couple months thereby transforming a new body into yourself.

You could be absolutely shocked by the correct execution of the OZMK workout system.  And if I haven't mentioned it already, this system takes 10 to 15 min only, if that.  And if you do it right you will be able to though much longer than that.  Additionally the OZMK method is a self adaptable workout system that adapts to your feeling, ability and energy levels of the moment.

You'll be able to push yourself into your ideal shape using OZMK, like a "shape shifting" process where you look to manifest an ideal body shape for you personally.  You can do this entire workout standing up and you do not need any equipment nor do you need to lay on the floor thereby getting dirty and stinky as other less efficient exercise methods do. 

Obviously you can tell from our website that we like efficiency, especially these days. Why is that?  Shifting life goals. But also from the frustration of the past of having to spend so many hours in the gym or in the process of getting lean and staying lean which was very costly in time, and although does have certain health benefits overall wasn't that healthy.

So we stumbled upon this new way of moving that really activates our cellular activity deep down inside.  and by doing this new OZMK message in a systematic way we can potentially have very excellent results.  

Now what does systematic mean?   That means we have a methodical plan of repetition that is cleverly figured out to allow us to work out our whole body and work our whole body again and again as soon as possible in order to stack progression.

So essentially we whittled down a method to a set of actions that we don't think much about in real time but then we simply execute the actions. So then therefore the system can produce us the results and we don't think too much about it.

What is the OSMK Method? And What's an OZMK??

  • The OZMK Method is a WAY of moving your body throughout an exercise motion. And one big miss by the fitness industry over a long period time is that not many have known about different WAYS on exactly how to move when you exercise or lift the weight. You need to have an answer of exactly what to do or think every millimeter of the range of motion in the exercise you are doing.
  • You can lift a weight or exercise or move in many different ways, or rather in many different performance mindsets, performance mindset techniques. Of course we explain the OZMK method in detail in the course. And I think that you're really going to like our approach to this one!
  • With The OZMK Method we are aiming for high intensity to allow us to coordinate the body quite harmoniously in order to achieve extreme dynamic flexations into a muscle shape or an overall body shape, to manifest, to press out into being, the ideal look we want.
  • We use The OZMK Method in combination with a exercise matrix in order to provide an actual workout.
  • The OZMK Method is certainly a method of moving that you will want to now get down pat because it is so effective.
  • The OZMK Method can help you also stabilize your overall body strength and agility which is very important in general and especially as one ages.

Bruce Lee + Tai Chi

The OZMK Method is an original creation penetrative solution for creating muscle size and strength. It can also be adapted for trading balance, coordination and body shaping without the use of weights.

The OZMK Method is a highly intense short workout that gets the blood pumping but also gets the lymph moving. By doing this we cleanse the body starts to remove puffiness, while helping enable the elimination of excess body fat.  So by using The OZMK Method we can start looking more lean and toned with more separated definition between the muscles.

For a visual on the way of movement and image comes to mind of a highly intense Bruce Lee doing Tai Chi types of movement.   But for clarity we are not doing martial arts or any other method.  Where using a mind state manifestation method that allows for a most harmonious coronation of the physical body as we move dynamically through various bodybuilding exercise type movements but with no weights.

Postural Re-balancing to Counter Act too Much Sitting and Standing

The OZMK Method evens out muscle strength and balance in a fantastic way that can help posture quite a bit. When your posture improves so does your overall aura and the impression you make upon others as being more confident, powerful and attractive.

We do not use weights, dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells or machines.  We use our own muscles to generate the resistance that works the opposing muscle. We work to muscles at the same time thereby creating a great efficiency. And we work the to muscles at the same time through the coordination of targeting The OZMK Method way of movement which harmoniously, accurately, synergistically coordinates all of the muscle fibers and joints in a way that feels really good while increasing safety. 

One could argue that the OZMK Method & System can compete with and replace various popular forms of exercise and do so much more efficiently while saving time and avoiding the wooo woo strange connections that some of these other popular exercise forms have which can cause other problems...

The OZMK Method is Quite a Creative that Makes Your Muscles Feel Really Good

Have you ever seen the movie pumping iron? Well Arnold's Schwarzenegger  makes an interesting comment about how lifting weights makes him feel so good and that comment can be related to the OZMK Method. Now he lifted weights, as far as I understand, in a particular style most of time, mostly volume style of lifting targeting the pump, the pumping up of the muscle.  And with the OZMK method we are not lifting weights nor lifting in Arnold's style but we have a new style that even more extremely, positively, intensely good feeling that reminds us of Arnold's quote.

Our objective is for maximum efficiency and even super productivity in terms of exercise, body shaping, even postural correction and muscle building, all the same time, using no weights.  (We bet Arnold would like the OZMK Method, a lot! Plus it's very Anti-aging.)

OZMK is a creative way of moving the body we designed for the sake of a. getting more results faster. b. for shaping the body overall  c. for shaping and growing muscle with no weights. d. for giving us a highly time efficient system of exercise  e. for getting a blood flow pump  f. for moving and squeezing lymph to push out the inter-cellular waste which helps with recuperation and pain removal. 

Can you use OZMK Method with weights? Yes most certainly the core of the method can be used with weights or rather adapted for weight training for an extremely effective workout. But this program is not for weights - you only need you, your body and maybe a mirror although you don't need a mirror.  A mirror helps with body shaping, muscle building, visualization. visualization of what you want to look like on top of yourself and of course... for entertainment purposes.

But in this program, we designed this program for people who do not have several hours to spend in the gym, and preparation and recuperation from the gym.  plus you can spend all sorts of time in the gym and you can even have a great gym workout... And do so for years, yet still look the same! That is pretty tragic.  So we've come up with solutions for that and the OZMK Method, approach to moving during an exercise for the manifestation into shape of your ideal muscle shape and body look is one of those solutions.