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The Thing About Health Is that We Can Get Used and Even Addicted and EVEN Controlled by, Bossed Around By Bad Things that Over Time Accumulate to a Tipping Point of Disaster Especially When Combined with Other Bad Things and Extra Especially When Combined with Very Little to No Good Things…

in and so what we notice in our own selves is that we get used to these patterns and habits. A lot of the problem has come with convenience whereas it’s been very difficult to get the good things and it’s an area very easy to get the bad things.

So I convenience we can use the bad things and then strangely the bad things start to taste good and feel good or at least we desperately look for some sort of part of the bad thing that tastes good or feels good while the rest does not taste good or feel-good.  So when we think the bad thing is good because it satisfies other concerns such as making us feel emotionally good or it fills us up for a longer period of time, we can then think or believe rather that this bad thing is good and is good to continue on doing.

So we can get hooked into these habits but unfortunately these habits over time stack up and cause all sorts of problems. The issue is hopefully you can catch the problems and reverse the trends before you personally  hate your very own health crisis or untimely exit from this realm

unfortunately I had to experience a couple health crisis is before I woke up. And that’s usually the case with a lot of people who have become health experts.  When they wake up they realize hey whoa it so easy to destroy ourselves.  Was figure out how to fix this, reversed the problem and prevent a problem into the future.

So the thing is though we have the battle convenience and just the general pollution of things out there in about and all over the place from your foods to our waters to our air, to our soaps, cosmetics, furniture’s, cars, cities and so on and so on…  At all you need to do at least to the point of this typing is look at the skyrocketing disease rates and absolute abysmal track record by modern medicine in terms of death rates due to their difference not so great approaches for treating people.

and ultimately what we discovered is that we need a plan. We need a method. We need a system. We need a progressive step by step month by month habit changing plan. We need that for our own selves. And so therefore we feel that we should share this information and this approach along with all of the different performance mind state’s and psychological approaches that can get us to do winning things.  We should share our vast spectrum of knowledge with you on habit-forming, health goal attainment, fitness, weight loss, strength, building bodybuilding, regeneration, recuperation and so on and so forth

This is the complete lifestyle makeover.  It’s done in monthly increments. 

The old health eroding and obesity subtle sneaky habits much change. It’s time to reprogram our beliefs about what is good for us and what is not.

While others get excited about high-tech and the promises it promotes there’s one thing that Humanity cannot Escape and that we are made from the Earth and all of our health is tied into the Earth. It’s incredibly complex even try to survive well without returning to originally designed earth elements.

Returning to original design and maximizing the intake original design has proven to restore health in amazing ways and without the variety of side effects that come from artificial means.

By returning to the ORGANIFICATION concept we will automatically restore the Earth’s health rapidly. How so?

We will turn towards natural means for maximizing food growing which makes it actually much more cost effective.

Modern farming practices with their chemicals and cheats have made fake mutated food which is also weak in nutrients that are critical for human health. “Modern farming” could have been done right but were guided by the strategic, those who strategically set up the way things developed in order to corner the foods markets and also corner the health care markets.  And they did quite an impressive job at it.  Unfortunately what they did is at the bedrock of today’s health crisises around the world.

On top of that modern farming practices with the use of chemicals and other cheating practices and destroy the Earth and wreck the farm lands. And on top of that as you probably already know their chemical practices has shown to harm human health in small ways to all the way onto cancer.

There are high-tech methods that can enhance food growing but do so in a natural way that coordinates with the way the Earth does things. Also these methods can produce far more abundant crops and more nutritious crops at the same time.

So what we’re doing here is that we are combining the concepts of organic education for the restoration of health, and we are combining that with the concept of obtain a lean and toned body.

You see, we can do certain techniques and cheats in order to obtain a lean and toned body, and even a ripped body, but those techniques, eventually tend to lead to major health problems down the road, which you usually don’t hear much about. You don’t want to lose your kidneys, or your organs, do you?

Did you know that when those who are engaged in a lifestyle that has intense exercise at the core, particularly with weightlifting and bodybuilding tend to not make the transition well out of that type of intense bodybuilding heavy weightlifting lifestyle. They usually end up having excess body fat and many end up having multiple health problems. Well, you’re gonna learn why that is and you’re going to learn how to avoid such scenarios. Because understanding what causes that for bodybuilders can be key insight to you to help you become much more efficient in your weight loss pursuits and lean body maintenance endeavors. And also, this understanding can help you maximize your health and prevent future health problems.

We have studied and assimilated techniques of master healers, some of the greatest healers of the past several millennia.

And what we found is that we’ve been able to translate their techniques, due to our own understanding in fixing of our own many health problems over time. And the interesting thing is that a lot of the methods that they used involve this ORGANIFICATION return to original design process. 

But they also use techniques that tend to coordinate well with the enabling of the body to get rid of excess body fat and this strange puffy swelling, this swelled up body scenario we have in modern times.

Being overweight is not okay. Being overweight, is a symptom of underlying health problems. People can tend to think that just because “everyone else is like that”, that they’re okay. That is not the case whatsoever, and many many people are one little hair trigger away from a major health crisis.

You do not want that to be you. It’s very easy to let happen.  Being casual and lenient to things that are bad for our bodies, that corrupt our bodies is dangerous. As we let a little here and a little there slide due to convenience, those things tend to settle into becoming a habit that we forget about.  But you can’t let bad things, or evil things slide.  You give badness a millimeter, it will take a mile and it won’t stop there until complete destruction sets in. That said, most people don’t know much about what is actually bad for them and they’ve been taught what is good is bad and what is bad is good, without mercy.

We all want to do a very good job doing the fundamentals in “obedience to original design”, to “universal law” so we can thrive and be happy.

Now what does that mean? Well there are certain universal laws that are set between what is good and what is bad. We want to go and find out what is good again even though most of us have been thoroughly brainwashed into thinking bad is good and good as bad.

So then therefore we’re going to go on to this journey and get very specific.

We are going to present education, clinical studies, our own studies and test, techniques with specific protocols strategies and systems of all sorts using food supplements, exercise, even breathing techniques even mind techniques to onto different techniques of obtaining powerful foods, how to use foods medicinal, and so on and so forth.

We’re going to cover all sorts of techniques and approaches for helping restore superior health naturally by tuning, our bodies back into this concept return to original design concept.

  • The natural beauty benefits are incredible.  And one can’t fake natural beauty or cover it up.
  • You are going to be able to learn how to do different natural beauty enhancing techniques. Guys, also will learn how to become better looking from where they are increasing natural attraction factors.
  • The ability to regenerate the body into a more ideal look is incredible.
  • When you learn the techniques that we teach here in the ORGANIFICATION Makeover Program, you’re going to be able to have incredible insight on techniques for reversing aging that will not only help slow the aging process down but actually reverse it on your insides, including on your cellular levels on your DNA levels, and even to your exterior and looks.
  • There are many techniques that are very brilliant and logical that we can do on our own to dramatically reverse aging. And I’m excited to tell you about these techniques that usually won’t even cost you any extra money. It’s absolutely fascinating, what he we’ve stumbled upon and been able to put together by the knowledge and understanding, we’ve gained over the decades.

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