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Fat Burning Diets Monthly Program with a Daily Plan of Action - a Daily Answer to "What Do I Eat Today?"

EVERLEAN30 - we made for us so that we can also share this with you.  One of the hardest things about dieting?  It's trying to figure out exactly what you eat per day.  It also having Plan B and Plan C in terms of what to eat just in case you run out of  Plan A foods (working simply get sick of planning foods and need a break from them).

"The Average 'Diet Attention Span' Lasts 3 Weeks ...After That The Body Starts Getting Used to a Diet and We Tend to Get Emotionally Bored with the Diet... Then Comes the YoYo Rebound Because We Don't Know What to Do Next..."

Join this Educational Series Learning More About EVERLEAN30 Powerful Lean Body Diets & Health Goal Diets. Discover How we Use "Food as Medicine". Learn Our Methods On How We Use Food & Natural Supplements to Achieve Health Goals

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Learn New Diets. Master New Diets. Because The More You Learn & Master New Diets the More Subtle Techniques You Discover Making it Easier and Easier to Master Your Own Body and Shape it to How You Want Your Body to Look...

Why EVERLEAN30? EVERLEAN30 is for becoming a diet MASTER! If you can master the skill of dieting, if you can master the skill of using "food as medicine" smartly using foods in different ways to obtain your lean body, anti aging, muscle building and health boosting goals... Then you can certainly add a great power to your being that will help you gain great advantage.

Besides reading and drinking water heating is the most poor thing we do. You don't eat pretty soon that you know everything stops working and falls apart.

Now the problem in modern times is foods are not so perfect anymore. Most of the easily available foods make us sick and fat either quickly or slowly and sneakily. You can see the results of that by looking at obesity rates to time on charts. You can also just see that by looking around and seeing the excessive numbers of people who are struggling with their body weight and did not look healthy.

I mean just imagine being able to become so good at dieting that you can just essentially obtaining lean and toned body very quickly, "on command". This is a skill that professional body builders and fitness models have. Yet we decided to take that concept and make it even more efficient and easy while bolstering the health of our bodies in the process.

These traditional bodybuilder and fitness model diets are not the most healthy although there considered healthy compared to the average fast food convenience food diet of course. But these guys have long-term side effects, side effects that you do not want. And you certainly don't want to be on a high-power bodybuilding diet after you stop high-intensity and volume load of exercise.

So what we decide to do it get very creative from our over 30 years in the health and fitness industry out of which we've develop many of our own creative and highly efficient solutions for hanging health and body shaping results naturally and logically (versus those who do more dramatic things for short-term quick fix results...). And we've encountered various challenges of our in addition to others including clients over time and issues presented to us by friends and family out of which inspired us to create new solutions, new strategies, new systems.

And so today we have what we call "eating systems", and some may just call him diets. We take a more systematic approach to eating. We like the concept of systems because they simplify reduced to simple sets of rules that we just simply give out thinking about it or worrying about what's going on from moment to moment in our physical body, whether we are losing enough weight or not...

Yes the willpower is just too weak to hold focus through the duration of time, the spreadout process it takes for losing weight and obtaining our health call or by shaking bill. So therefore we replaced the willpower with systems and have had dramatic most excellent results by doing so.

You see when we run a system in real-time it everything becomes fun. Because we don't have to try to think and figure out things in real time anymore.

All we do is simply do the numbers for the day and let the system take care business for us.

So we've created these "eating sytems" these diets that of course target weight loss and obtaining a lean and tone body. And additionally we have diets that not only incorporate having a lean, toned and healthy body but also start to target bolstering different body parts and organs for increasing powerful health to the body.

Ultimately if your body is super healthy you will very likely be lean and toned with great skin quality and a great youthful look.

  • Diets Get Boring Quick
  • Modern Day Fat Loss is TOUGH!
  • We All Need a Make Over Internally
  • With Foods We Can Re-Program the Body for Health, a Lean Body & a Toned Body
  • Get a New Creative Diet Each Month
  • Emulate Our Lean, Toned & Health Strategies Monthly
  • Discover How to Use Foods to Prevent Various Problems
  • Discover How to Use Foods to Cleanse the Body, to Turn it into & Keep it as a Well Running Machine
  • Our Body Needs to Cycle Nutrients that Can Come with Different Diets.
  • Learn Different Foods Techniques for Eating to Start to Take Powerful Command Over Your Body's Looks and Health
  • Learn How to Eat Systematically
  • Learn How to Use "Food as Medicine"
  • Gain Mastery Over Weight Loss by Learning These Diets
  • Discover How to Use Food to Help You More Rapidly Recuperate & Regenerate
  • Discover How to Use Foods to Better Prevent Aging & Reverse Aging

Have You Experienced Something Like This? Many of Us Have So We Came Up with a Solution - "The Next Step" to Get Us and Keep Us Lean and Looking Good...

SOULTION: The Fat Burning Diets Educational Monthly Program!


  • Expand your Knowledge & Understanding of Different Types of Diets
  • The Best Way to Get Better and Better at Burning Fat and Staying Lean is to EXPERIENCE different diets
  • Eventually You Can Become a Fat Loss, Weight Loss Through Dieting "Master" So it Becomes Actually Easy and Enjoyable to Get Lean and Stay Lean
  • There Are New Modern Elements that War On Our Body Shape and Health So We all Need Food Based Strategies to Combat These Issues Which We Will Approach
  • It Actually Becomes Fun Even a Fun Adventure Each Month to Try a New Fat Burning Diet Eating Style
  • Our Diet Protocols Also Focus on Increasing and Maximizing Health in the Weight Loss, Fat Burning Process


In summary we have developed an educational program through our own research and the research of others that comes in the form of pay monthly eating plan.

Each plan has a different Focus for the optimization of a healthy body and a beautiful, lean body.

Every individual is different and has different nutrient and caloric needs based on body size, amount of muscle, amount of activity, amount of intensity and the various activities, once stimuli and many other factors...

Each fat burning diet program also comes with a supporting supplement protocol.

In order to exactly fine tune any sort of eating program, one would need to consult with a licensed, knowledgeable, competent healthcare professional who could run tests, scans, blood tests nutritional profiles, body fat percentage to certain areas and the like to determine exact amounts of foods and supplements needed to optimize Health according to their standards.

These diets are for educational purposes and we are not trying to recommend or tell you to do anything. That said you can learn from what the author of each diet has figured out for themselves.

$39.95/MO - You can cancel at any time yourself if wish in your members back office.

Learn New Diets Master New Diets Because The More You Learn About Techniques in Eating The Easier It Becomes To Master Your Own Body

As any bodybuilder who is preparing for a bodybuilding show or for as any fitness model or model in general will tell you, the more you do a diet or the more you diet down to lean and toned great-looking body the easier it gets each time.

Too many people have been brainwashed by this push button magic pill thinking - which is all fake and will waste a lot of time sending a person into circles of misery.

So by actually learning how to eat systematically and by the act of doing it becomes so much easier to obtain and maintain a lean and toned body. And as most people know although some people have forgotten there are tremendous benefits by having a lean, toned and attractive body. Conversely there are many very negative factors for having an overweight body that is not lean and toned.

So let us help you free yourself of oppressive body blubber so you finally understand and know effective techniques of eating that are doable and that can help finally get those results you're looking for by joining EVERLEAN30.

Test Test Test You Need Personal Experiential Dieting Data In Order To Become Highly Efficient In Getting Rid Of Excess Body Fat Quickly So That You KNOW WHAT to Do and that You CAN Get that Lean Body You Want - On Command!

Yes we can read and study and read and study but unless we dive in and test different diet strategies for eating we're not going to know or believe these various. Strategies for eating to lose weight and get rid of the excess body fat.

Also in the Program: We Will Overtime Include Anti-Aging and "Age Reversal" Diets and Protocols to Help Regenerate and Repair into Younger Versions of Ourselves...

Now this is super interesting isn't it! Thanks to the collaboration of many minds across the planet over time we have new discoveries and breakthroughs on how we can regenerate ourselves even from stem cell level but do so in a holistic Natural Way versus some Frankenstein way that "science" talks about quite often.

We can also use various foods eating in certain ways, methodically, strategically, purposefully and systematically to help has cleanse out the bad that is blocking the way, causing poor regeneration and poor cellular duplication, for one example. These foods when methodically eaten, can also help us trigger regeneration from stem cells.

We're looking to coax the body's balances by inversing the traditional Aging process for fascinating results plus health restoration and amplification.

Your Body Needs The Nutrients That You May Not Get Eating The Same Foods All The Time Working The Same Type Of Guy All The Time

Diets have their purpose but sometimes a specific diet is missing out on certain nutrients that are important to the body and important to our weight loss, our lean body getting efforts. So therefore on that no we find it a wise thing to do to rotate different diets from month to month.

Doing one particular strong diet too long is usually not a healthy thing nor is it productive for our weight loss ambitions.

I'm sure you've heard of "diet plateaus" or "weight loss plateaus" and certainly they exist. Our bodies adapt to our diets quickly and when they do your progress then slows down.

So the trick is to change up the diet cycle every 2 to 4 weeks changing to different diets for the purpose of keeping the body guessing, keeping the body off guard while helping supply valuable nutrients and while helping strengthen different aspects of the body in the process. So by rotating different diets we can obtain results faster and better while having a lot more fun in the process as well and while learning a lot of things, knowledge wise and experiential wise.

Also with different diets there are different health benefits. Different diets can cleanse and regenerate tissue in different ways. You'll certainly want to discover and get to know these powerful eating methods for helping you become a diet master that we teach you in EVERLEAN30.

Also we will look to cycle different supporting protocols from month to month mostly focusing on supplements although we may use foods and drinks in different ways to help us obtain the goal at which we are aiming.

A Diet Unless It's Called A Lifestyle Diet Is Not Supposed To Be Used For A Long Period Of Time.

Yes a lot of people get confused about dieting confusing lifestyle diet diets that are done for a specific period of time in order to lose weight.
A lot of popular health concepts are confused about many different aspects of health. One could argue this is caused by the mentality that has been established over the decades of the "magic pill" and the "instant push-button solution".

So therefore many treat diets as something you do for a short time that will get them complete overweight body to supermodel physique transformation and that transformed lean body will be permanent... With the magic pill type of thinking. So then people go on a wild goose chase chasing this magic pill, which does not exist nor will exist (not without side effects that you don't want...) and they waste time while spending that wasted time in desperation and misery, blowing all sorts of various opportunities in life that they would have had if they were in shape, lean & toned with their ideal attractive body.

So in short a lifestyle diet is a way of habitually eating when one is purposely not on a weight loss diet. And unfortunately most people eating habits have become their lifestyle diets when they never even intended those eating habits to become their lifestyle diet. On that note we will address lifestyle diets that one could create purposefully for general health optimization and lean body maintenance.

A Diet Should Have A Purpose And A Goal And Should Be Done Strongly For That Purpose And All And Not Vaguely.

Yes this is an important point. You could argue that a lot of people that do weight loss diets do not succeed because they lose perspective of the diet. The diet should be forgetting the goal done and should be pressed into four, seen the weight loss goal. This means that we will press on through any sort of hard times to make the breakthrough and get the results.

When a lot of people do diets they do diet because it's maybe a popular exciting new thing. And then they venture out into that diet to do the bare minimum of the diet while looking to make the diet easier whenever they get a chance. So by making the diet easier the therefore negate any sort of power that the diet had.

So in otherwords our objective isn't to see what we can "get away with" in the diet our objective is to actually lose the weight!

In this EVERLEAN30 membership program we will teach you how to become more and more successful at dieting and running our "eating systems". Because when you can set up an eating system for a particular goal or even just as a lifestyle heating system that will incorporate all the elements that are associated with helping produce various health results and looks goals.

By Mastering Different Diets And Mastering Different Foods You Will Gain The Experiential Knowledge Needed To Lose Weight On Command Like The Pros

Experiential knowledge is power!

What does that mean? Firstly as you do a diet and then do it again and then do it again you get better at doing the diet and you realize that you didn't do a very good job the first time.

Secondly if you experience different foods, different recipes and different methods of eating for the sake of weight loss and health then you are going to know them and their effects on your physical body. This is key. The more you experience and the more your physical body gets to know different diet approaches and different foods the more your physical body will remember.

And if we start to listen to our physical body instead of our own emotions or our bad gut bacteria then we can be more finely tuned into our physical body in order to eat the perfect amount of foods while not overeating and while eating the right foods to meet your physical bodies nutrient demands.

Therefore getting on a program such as EVERLEAN30 can be a powerful learning experience especially as we venture into systematic eating to support various body parts and functions in coordination with weight loss thereby providing you with powerful knowledge understanding and experience that you can use for yourself and your family in order to make smarter more efficient choices in your eating.

By Mastering Different Diets And Experiencing Different Foods You Will Know, Your Physical Body Will Know What Fits To Go For In Order To Bolster Your Health And Better Overcome A Problem

Also by knowing different foods in different styles of dieting you're going to have more clues in how to address different health issues of your own. You'll be able to have more knowledge and understanding enabeling you to do better research so you can talk with your knowledgeable healthcare professional in a smarter way in terms of cracking the code to helping you get better and then get great!

Learn Diets That Can Quickly Help You Recuperate The From Your Workouts.

Old-school methods of feeding the body for recuperation are highly inefficient and actually very health negative over time. You'll learn new ways of eating that can help you recuperate your muscles joints and bones while helping remove pain and while helping you provide nutrients to the muscles so you can more rapidly recuperate.

Learn New Convenient Ways Of Cooking That Can Allow You To Get The Nutrients You Need Quickly Without Spending Much Time.

In EVERLEAN30 you'll learn about our techniques for the nutrient dosing vehicles and other efficient ways to make sure you get your baseline nutrients down. You can have flexibility with these nutrient dosing vehicles to put differences in them so you can better and more strategically use the concept of "food as medicine".

Discover Techniques In Food Availability Automation So You Save Many Hours Per Week In Shopping And Cooking.

We're big fans of efficiency and saving time these days. Learn new ways and healthier ways of cooking that can save you a lot of time and effort. You also will learn techniques for semi-automatino and automation of cooking to make sure you have powerful nutrients available to you even to the point that you don't have to even spend time cooking. And this is all while delivering maximum fresh ingredients while avoiding those processed foods.

Save Hundreds Of Dollars By Signing Up Breakdown Into Our Special Offer Price For Everlean30 Weight Loss Diets And Diet Education Monthly.

Take advantage of this opportunity now to start to learn how to master the art of losing weight and keeping it off through dieting. Remember the body gets used to a diet very quickly. So therefore by having its an array of diet knowledge and experience you can keep the body continually on its toes thereby making it much easier to lose weight and keep it off.
$39.95/MO - You can cancel at any time yourself if wish in your members back office.