"Solving Weight Loss in Highly Efficient Ways for One's Ideal Lean Body..."

Nutritionally Optimized Recipes that Make Lean Body Getting Happen!

Discover the Nutrient Dosing Vehicle Method in Line with Our Version of  “Food as Medicine”  for Powering Up Health While Obtaining & Maintaining Lean, Toned and Ultra Healthy Bodies

One Main Key Secret to Successful Dieting is to Have Key Recipes that Deliver the Nutrients You Need, that Are Exciting to You Personally and Help Reset the Body into a More Lean, Toned & Healthy State.

No Key Recipes in a Diet? Then What Happens?  Oh Yeah.  We Start Cheating.  We Start Going for Convenience Foods.  We Go for Quick Fixes… All when We Get Hungry! 

We Compromise Our Diets and Health by Eating Lesser Foods Simply Because A. We Were NOT Prepared with the Right Foods We Need  and B. We Don’t Have Recipes for the Foods We Actually LIKE Eating!…

It Happens Every Time.  So a Fix Was Needed! And that Fix is the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Recipes Monthly for Powerful Foods Done Right!

But you may say “oh well I can just get from the restaurant remedial service.”  And if you can get all organic with the human friendly foods that heal the body cooked in the right way with the right ingredients, cooking oils that don’t destroy your health and cooking pans or pots that don’t poison you then that can be very helpful!    That can also be very expensive. And you won’t truly know what exactly is and knows foods.  ( how the restaurant experience but if you knew what goes on in the kitchens you may start to think twice about using restaurants and meal services as your long-term solution. I speak from much experience. 

There Is a Need For Recipes.  The Recipes Are The Secret Formulas. And When You Learn to Turn Food into “Medicine” to Heal the Body And Make It Powerful While Providing All The Nutrients You Need in a Day, Then You’ve Developed a Powerful Skill More Than Most All Of The Billions Of Humans On This Planet. 

Yes this is what we’re going for. We want to master recipes so they can provide us a powerful spectrum of vitamins minerals fats in the proper balance amino acids (” proteins”) and other powerful nutrients that support the body and the power to higher levels of health and performance.

Many healthcare professionals would argue that the RDA or the DA for daily nutritional needs levels is way too low. That’s debatable depending on what you want to accomplish. The problem is most people don’t even come close to having their daily nutritional needs taken in on a daily basis.

And if they do intake all of the RDA nutrients, most people, these days to the point of this typing, intake foods that have side effects, that create destruction in the body and make them fat.

We’ve been tricked into eating is wrong types of foods in while culturing gut biome imbalances that have put us in slavery, eating these destructive foods.

So let’s get this fixed  by getting organized and having the recipes we need in order to get the job done and feed our bodies with powerful nutrients that don’t have does side effects – Oh yeah – While developing recipes that not only feel good but tastes good too.

The recipes make the diet happen otherwise one is prone to cheat.

The recipes in line with the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Allowable Foods List include:

  1. Fun!  Fun must be covered first.  We need go to recipes that we think are fun, that we look forward to eating.  And we need bulk batches of them so we don’t have to keep cooking. 
  2. Breads Recipes
  3. Stews Recipes
  4. Stirfries Recipes
  5. Smoothies Recipes
  6. Cakes and Cupcakes Recipes
  7. Pies Recipes
  8. Cookies Recipes
  9. Burritos of different sorts Recipes
  10. Different cultural dishes Recipes
  11. Chips Recipes
  12. Salsas Recipes
  13. Creative Guacamoles Recipes
  14. Coffee Drinks Recipes
  15. Energy Drinks Recipes
  16. Pre Workout Drinks Recipes