"Solving Weight Loss in Highly Efficient Ways for One's Ideal Lean Body..."

Protocols! Research! Power!

Learn Advanced Knowledge & Techniques for Making Losing Weight & Fat Burning Easier & Faster from Our 35 Years Plus Experience of Developing Creative and Efficient Solutions.

Gain More and More Knowledge & Understanding For Helping You Accelerate Your Weight Loss & Fat Burning Ability… Making it Easier for You to Get the Lean Body You Want & Keep It!

With MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO Knowledge Comes Fat Burning POWER! 

Learn from our discoveries, our tests, our success on top of the breaking new discoveries by others including various researchers from around the world.   

Learn how to better break free of this “sink hole” trap of modern weight loss struggles.

Get smart and smart and more and more powerful in your ability to deal with your own body and make it look the way you want it to look.

Learn techniques to help fight of and help reverse aging factors with the goal of brining us back and keeping us at our primes!


MAGNALEAN EXTREME – PRO is an Advanced Education Club for New Techniques, Strategies, Protocols, Systems, Research and New Discoveries All Geared Towards Providing More Powerful, Higher Level, Ultra Efficient Ways for Lean & Toned Body Getting Even FASTER and Even More Easily.

Join MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO to Better Be Able to “B-line” to the Lean Body You Want.   The More You Know the Easier it Can Become to “Evaporate” that Excess Body Weight that You Don’t Want.

Learn Better Through Our Advanced Weight Loss Education and Protocol Concepts Exactly WHAT to Do In Order to Better Lose the Weight You Want So You Can Look Like How You Want to Look.  – And We Make These Protocols & Techniques for Ourselves, What We Find to Be Effective.

So for example of what we’re going to be doing is: 

We will be  providing you with so many strategies protocols and systems from many angles,  with many new techniques and tricks and even technological things,  herbal things,  creative new combination techniques from so many different approaches,  that you can stack so many techniques in your favor that obtaining and maintaining a lean, toned, beautiful, youthful-looking body becomes highly probable even to the point of  feeling “like it’s nothing”.

Why are we making this MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO membership? 

Firstly it’s an inspired extension from the MAGNALEAN EXTREME original system.  From this system we have received, absorb many other discoveries over time that are related from which you could benefit tremendously.   Why and how did we receive these discoveries?

I would say: the curiosity,  the drive, the challenge for “solving the human body”  so we can resolve all health problems,  better get the body to do what we wanted to do and then even look to become  a bit more super,  naturally and logically,  creatively too.   

And now we sharing them with you for a nominal fee.   

So you’ll be saving a fortune by signing up into our MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO membership versus trying to hire us as personal your personal trainer, thousands, tens of thousands of dollars saving fortunes in fees to us or anyone else for that matter.

And on that note, it would take you much longer by being a personal training client to even obtain the information that you’ll be accumulating from this membership month after month.

We’ve had incredible discoveries, fixes, breakthroughs over the years, decades that we’ve accumulated and compounded upon which means that we have so many techniques, breakthroughs  and effective methods of weight loss, fat burning, strength building and body shaping that you may not and probably will not find anywhere else. So sign up and get started! 

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In a nutshell it’s  educational membership  With a back office and we’ll be adding more content each month. 

We’ll be adding more protocols,  strategies,  systems,  methods,  techniques,   then eventually workouts,   highly-efficient new body shaping methods,  herbal techniques,  creative techniques you can do from home,  more advanced health boosting techniques,  pain eradication techniques,  stretching techniques,  muscle building techniques,  anti-aging techniques,  agility enhancing techniques,  joint strengthening techniques and so on  as the membership evolves over time.

What If You Were Able To Lose Weight in Far Less Time and Far Less Effort?

♥ ♥ ♥

That certainly sounds good doesn’t it! So we wanted the same thing therefore we went on an adventure of formalizing all that tricks and secrets that we learned over the years in combination with new research and breakthroughs to make these most excellent MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO protocols and strategies.

MAGNELEAN EXTREME PRO was developed to become an ongoing adventure of increased efficiency and discovery finding new ways for helping become and stay lean and toned. 

And we wanted to discover how to do so much more easily preferably without any effort at all!  Yes also concepts in automatic and near automatic weight loss too, where it seems “like it’s nothing” in particular with our habit reprogramming methods and even with some supplement protocols as clinical studies have found. 

As you may have noticed, losing weight and keeping it off has become more difficult than ever. Those of you who are younger don’t-know that in years past when it was actually easier to stay lean and toned. But modern times crept up on us with a lot of problems along with it and so many people are struggling with trying to stay lean and healthy.

We believe that having a lean and toned body should be effortless and automatic. So therefore we’re going to go on this adventure with MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO and you can join us too discovering  new ways to make weight loss, fat burning and lean body getting ultra easy and very time efficient. 

We really like concepts of automation so we will also pursue many different ways for making a gorgeous looking body as automatic and effortless, as time saving as possible.

Each month we look to rollout content looking to present a new discovery in order to solve the lean body getting problems from different angles with different strategies and protocols, systems too.

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$49.97 / Month  Special Offer One Time Add on if You Order Right Now: $29.97 / Month

Coupon: MAGNALEANPRO50  use this for half price ($29.97/mo instead of $49.97/mo)  but use it immediately.



What’s a Weight Loss Protocol?   

A weight loss protocol is a group of actions designed to help bring about certain specific results that one applies for a specific purpose.  A protocol is usually done for a specific period of time.  Some protocols can be treated as a habit.

What’s a Weight Loss Strategy?   

A weight loss strategy targets a specific result that we want to obtain in weight loss or body-shaping from a particular angle.

What’s a Weight Loss System? 

A system is a set of rules for timely execution pre figured out ahead of time to produce consistent results to a high degree of probability.  A system removes having to figure things out in real time on the fly.  Systems are arguably the most efficient approach because they require the least amount of real time thinking and real time figuring out.  And winging it in real time in weight loss or body shaping usually does not work well. 

What Other things Will You Cover in MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO?   

Right now we have an initial series of strategies protocols  as you can see on this page.

From there after we get through those initial protocols we will be diving into more advanced techniques particularly with nutrition, supplementation, technology, kinetics,  different forms of exercise including new inventions many of which we already created for very efficient body shaping and muscle development.

We will then also advance into various anti-aging techniques, recuperation techniques, regeneration techniques,  energy-boosting techniques,  strength and power techniques  do all even venturing into ” superhuman”  techniques (naturally).

How Exactly Will MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO Help Me Lose Weight Faster And More Certainly? 

As you gain more knowledge  and understanding on how to better work with the body in order to achieve your desired results obtaining your desired results can become easier and easier and faster and faster.

You will be able to better target a specific areas make it look how you want it.  And we are talking about redesigning the body in created new natural and logical ways.

Also by gaining such levels of knowledge and understanding you will have more puzzle pieces for you to create your own solutions and new creative ways.

Will I Be Able To Obtain a Lean And Toned Body Whenever I Want with MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO? 

You should be able to!  that is a poignant purpose of us doing this program! Remember we do this for ourselves first and then present it to you. We will also share successful methods and discoveries that others have discovered as well.

Is it easy to cancel if I so want to in the future? 

Yes absolutely. We know that’s a concern  for us when we joined membership so you made it easy  for you to cancel from your members back-office area because you’ll get a log into a members back office where you can keep all your products and monthly education on one place.  Additionally if you purchase through Clickbank as the payment processor for example you can just contact them from your receipt.

Yes you can be able to access this information from anywhere,  On your desktop,   your laptop, your iPads and your cell phones.   Also as a secondary measure cancellation you can cancel from your receipt directly from the billing company we are using.

These programs will be related to the MAGNALEAN EXTREME approach and will include content as: 

  • Supplement protocols.
  • Exercise methods.
  • Performance mind state methods.
  • Food as medicine methods.
  • Techniques from other cultures around the world.
  • Techniques and discovery by other experts.
  • Hidden discoveries.
  • New discoveries.
  • High-tech approaches.
  • Mind reprogramming, habit reprogramming methods – powerful!

Imagine Ideal Goals…

 ⇒ Imagine – What if You Got to the Point Where it Was No Longer A Struggle To Lose Weight as You Go About Your Business From Day To Day?

⇒ Imagine – What if You Were Able To Lose Weight a Lot More Effortlessly?

⇒ Imagine Being Able To Burn Fat More Quickly And Easily Without those Old Endless Struggles. 

⇒ Imagine Being Able To Recuperate From Your Exercise Workouts Much Faster.


  • ⇒ Discover Advanced Recuperation Techniques For Recuperation From Workouts and Also Injury So You Can Better Avoid Pain and Get To Your Next Workout More Quickly.
  • ⇒ Discover Tricks On How To Prevent Storing Body Fat Even If You Mess Up In Eating and Pig Out On Foods That Can Make You Really Fat Quickly (i.e. A Box Of Krispy Kremes All At Once… There Is Actually A Fix For That Believe It Or Not!).
  • ⇒ Discover Cutting-Edge Techniques For Shaping Your Muscles, Perceiving The Body And Into The Look You Want.

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$49.97 / Month  Special Offer One Time Add on if You Order Right Now: $29.97 / Month

Coupon: MAGNALEANPRO50  use this for half price ($29.97/mo instead of $49.97/mo)  but use it immediately.


Here Is Some Of What We Will Be Covering In MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO Monthly that Will Be Released Month to Month for Starters. 


  1. Advanced Professional Fat Burning Protocols – from the Body Building World and Beyond for Accelerated Fat Burning While Making it Easier at the Same Time.

  2. “Food as Medicine” Accelerator Protocols.

  3. Health Booster Protocols.

  4. Habit Reprogramming Systems.

  5. High Tech Methods – Startling New Techniques! 

  6. Weight Loss Automation Methods.

  7. Lean Body Retention Automation Methods.

  8. Cleansing Protocols.

  9. Immune Boosting Protocols.

  10. Enhancements, Optimizations and Added Ongoing Clarity to MAGNALEAN EXTREME System over time.

  11. Rapid Recuperation Methods for Getting Rid of Pain, Restoring Ability & Agility and Being Able to Get Back to  Your Next Workout.

  12. Sleep Techniques to “Sleep Faster”.

  13. Secret Insights, Tricks and Tips as We and Our Students Discover from Doing the MAGNALEAN EXTREME System Over Time.

  14. Deeper Levels of Understanding on How the Body Works So You Can Have More Control Over the Body

  15. Deeper Levels of Understanding of How the Fat Burning & Storage Process Works so You Can Become Highly Efficient at Getting and Staying Lean & Toned.

  16. And So Much More…!

  17. HUGE Value for One Small Monthly Maintenance Fee.


Current Starter Content Schedule

Here is Some of the STARTER Content We Have Lined Up.  After We Get Through These We’ll Move onto Some More ADVANCED Stuff!

  1. MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO – Month 1:  Nutrient Delivery Vehicle Method 1. Powerful method for weight loss, health restoration and amplification for superior levels of  health all while having an easy way of making sure we get our foods based essential nutrients in plus many other lean body power nutrients. 
  2. MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO – Month 2 : Advanced Fat Liquidator, Like Melting Butter, Protocol for Hyperaccelerating Hard to Remove Excess Body Fat & Fluids
  3. MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO – Month 3: Fat Accelerator Releasing Protocol.
  4. MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO – Month 4: Energy Boosting And Focus Boosting Protocol.
  5. MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO – Month 5: Smoothie Nutrient Delivery Vehicle Methods.
  6. MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO – Month 6: Fat Accelerator Releasing Protocol 2.
  7. MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO – Month 7: Weight Loss Fat Burner Protocols.
  8. MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO – Month 8: Super Nutrient Dosing 2 Method.
  9. MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO – Month 9: Super Nutrient Dosing 3 Method.
  10. MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO – Month 10: Thermal Fat Burning Protocols.
  11. MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO – Month 11: Energy Boosting And Focus Boosting Protocol.
  12. MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO – Month 11: No Weight Body Shaping Method.
  13. MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO – Month 11: No Weights Self Generated Muscle Manifestation Building Methods.

Yes you can cancel at any time yourself from your members area if you ever need too.  That said, this content will be so EXTREMELY valuable that you probably won’t ever want to stop.  But you can stop easily at any time if needed stated for your assurance and any worries about rebilling.

“What’s in MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO”?  What Can You Expect?

Each month we present powerful content from our over 35 years in health, fitness, personal training & bodybuilding combined with the expertise of other expert trainers, bodybuilders, advanced athletes, advanced health researchers, a lot of clinical research, advanced athletic performance experts, natural healing experts, plus analysis and use of new techniques and discoveries all in combination with our several hundred health, fitness and athletic performance solutions we’ve discovered and created over time….

We’ve acquired a lot of information and we’ve created a lot of solutions over time.  MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO gives us an outlet to share with you many powerful methods that you can acquire, learn, understand and put into your arsenal for more and more powerful health and lean body getting skill. 

You’ll save thousands in obtaining this information vs. if you would have paid for individual training or consultation.  And a lot of this information you just mostly likely would have never received if we haven’t complied it for you here in MAGNALEAN EXTREME PRO.

Ultimately What We Want to Accomplish with and Get Out of MAGNALEAN EXTRME PRO

  • New research, info and discoveries for secrets to the physical body and minds to help us advance more quickly.
  • Learn how set and obtain bigger and better goals and achieve those goals by discovering, and learning about the possibilities that can be had.
  • Develop smarter and more efficient ways of feeding the body while taking less time and even automating things while being very cost effective.
  • Learn more about supplements, herbs, while unlocking their hidden super powers.
  • Learn more about the systematic use of supplements, herbs, foods, nutrients for impactful approaches, for obtaining specific goals.
  • Learn about side effects and interactions with various natural nutrients.
  • Learn about what happens if you are missing this or that nutrient which the missing of a nutrient is indeed a foundational cause associated with many health problems, and lean body getting struggles. 
  • Discover more on how one’s health can be directly correlated with weight loss struggles.  And find out why we say that excess body fat struggles are a symptom of something worse.  
  • For creating specific protocols through the synergy of all newly acquired information, discovery and with new concepts received, “downloaded”, through inspiration into plans of action that upon doing or even making habit can produce the results we want.  
  • We’ve had incredible breakthroughs in problem resolutions over the years. We like to create systems.  So therefore we want to create new and more advanced ones even to “super human” levels, naturally of course. 
  • Weight loss acceleration systems are something that we are expanding upon since the need has become so great.  We want to make weight loss and lean body keeping much easier and faster with the development of weight loss systems.   
  • We also make a lot of body shaping systems with weights or no weights.  Plus we have created many other solutions that we can tell you more about later. 
  • Also: Discover new techniques for rapid recuperation & repair of the physical body, learn mindstate performance techniques, learn agility techniques, immune boosting techniques, rapid repair techniques, cleansing techniques, alkalization of the body techniques, recuperation techniques, greater health and energy techniques, more effective techniques for stretching and muscle knots…  High tech techniques, advanced performance breathing systems and so on…
  • All techniques developed are based on practical, logical and scientific approaches where components of which have proven to be effective by various studies and health care professionals of various types.

We have INCREDIBLE Amounts of Health & Fitness Solutions that We’re EXCITED About Sharing With You.

Save Thousands in Information Fees and Training.  

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Coupon: MAGNALEANPRO50  use this for half price ($29.97/mo instead of $49.97/mo)  but use it immediately.

Yes you can cancel at any time yourself from your members area if you ever need too.  That said, this content will be so EXTREMELY valuable that you probably won’t ever want to stop.  But you can stop easily at any time if needed stated for your assurance and any worries about rebilling.