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Become More Attractive - How to Get a Date

Have You Been Feeling So Depressed That You Can’t Find The Relationship That You Want Because of Excessive Body Fat? 

A lot of people who are overweight don’t realize what’s going on in the mind of others.

Most people are not very nice as their “computer robot mind” sizes up the inshapeness (the fatness or “estimated body fat percentage”) and attractiveness of others.   

You may know this already but arguably, many do not understand or want to come close to admitting what they KNOW people are thinking about them since that’s the way they size up other people automatically.

Oh yes.  Most people are continually sizing up others as “potential mates” or just for occasion to be critical, jealousy or even for occasion to send out praise as well.  

So we want to be aware of what other people think automatically without even thinking about it consciously.   So the strategy is to get smart and feed their “inner robot’s” positive signals to your advantage, in order to increase your attractiveness in order to increase your chances of finding someone. 

We don’t have to look like Ms. America or Mr. Olympia to find someone, we just have to remove the repulsive, “red flag” or “ugly market” factors, those “automatic rejection factors” so we stop turning people off. 

We all need to spot those negative factors and correct those negative factors, remove the factors that stand out as unattractive, like excessive body weight.  It makes finding “true love” so much easier!

And when it comes to getting rid of the excess body fat while looking younger in the process, nothing works as fast or as well as our MANGALEAN EXTREME System in our opinion. 

So, strategically speaking, the  “inner robot” of others can be “exploited” by feeding the inner robots of others “technical visual data” of “factual attraction specs”.

And again, what’s one of the most critical and powerful “attraction specs” we can present to other’s “robot minds”?   

That’s Right!  A lean & toned body.  Preferably a “glowing” lean and toned body which is something MAGNALEAN EXTREME can do since it’s so powerfully healthy!

So maybe a few people are attracted to the Grimace or Jabba the Hutt look.  And yes there are other elements of attraction such as personality, wealth, success, fame, performance ability, leadership positions and so on…

And those other things may work, for a while, that is, until you start “getting down to business.”  At first, maybe some can let it slide.  But over time, the excessive overweight look will tend to weigh on most partners and they’ll simply start to lose interest.  That’s the tendency although not necessarily some rule set in stone.  

One day I discovered through much “data accumulation”  (excessive online dating…) that the amount of interest and attraction by others to me and my attraction to them was mostly always directly proportional to my body fat percentage and their body fat percentage whether a person knew this or not. 

Usually most people barely knew what the term “body fat percentage” actually meant (so they probably weren’t sitting there wondering ‘… I wonder what this guy’s body fat % stats are hmm…’  unless they were gym associates.

They were likely just going by innate instinct, innate attraction.  And that was quite surprising to me that body fat percentage was arguably the top factor, well at least to other attractive people. 

Some would call that “shallow” but then you would be calling most humans if not all, “shallow” for being attracted to whom their attracted.   

Now yes, there is a point of being too physically attracted to someone where you overlook their insides because you’re so focused on their outside, leaving them eventually to feel that you’re ‘using them’.   Okay okay.  But if there is no attraction on the other hand then the 2 of you will likely become just “pals”.

And on the other hand, if someone is not really that attracted to you, or has become less attracted to you because you have gotten out of shape, then of course you’ll sense that, and if that other person sticks around in the relationship, you may start to feel that they are using you for other things, like money or other things they may value that you bring to the table. 

And yes people will get together for other reasons besides looks especially after they get to know each other. But that’s the problem these days – getting to know each other first.  It’s not like the old days or school when you saw people repeatedly due to schedule.  And most people won’t date anyone from work so what do you do?  You use MAGNALEAN EXTREME to make yourself red hot attractive is what you do!  Then that increases your chances of being able to get to know people better!

And now physical attraction becomes more important than ever since physical attraction has to be passed in order for people to make the extra effort to get to know one another since they are not just seeing them accidentally on a repeated basis at school.

Once you’re out of high school and college, unless you get to know someone better from work, it’s difficult to get to know someone by repeated serendipitous encounterings. And most people usually won’t date people from work.

So therefore one has to actually get past the initial barrier of physical attraction in order to start getting to know someone new and then on from there for developing a relationship. 

So to fix the top most attraction point, which is of course, being lean & toned, you’ll want to remove the “uglifying” coating of excess body fat while super nourishing our body’s up with powerful foods that will make us “glow”, as people say.  We can use MAGNALEAN EXTREME to tune up our lean & toned body attraction points quickly!

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