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A note on our fat burning systems: Our fat burning systems were designed for us after decades of experimentation. Some systems are supplementation systems. Some systems are eating systems. Some systems are exercise systems. And some are complete packages of all three - we usually call that a "program".

What is a system? A system is a set of rules that one does over and over without skipping, guessing or trying to make decisions in real time since the decisions are pre-made by the system. A system is developed by testing and optimization overtime to create a method that is potentially much more efficient being able to get much more results with less error. A system for weight loss is especially important for success because a system takes out the decision making process in real time there so one won't get lost in their emotions and make incorrect decisions. Most people fail in their weight loss efforts, in their fat burning efforts because: 

  • 1. The fat burning process is not linear and happens over a spread out period of time so a system for fat burning keeps you on track to methodically burn off the excess fat. A system would simply be applied as long as needed who she'd be results one wants to achieve.
  • 2. It pulls us out of "push button thinking" which certainly does not work when one is trying to obtain a lean body and burn off excess fat. It also pulls us out of " make it happen" thinking or "get it done" thinking which is not effective and weight loss since the process is not linear nor is it a single "thing" to be done but a process
  • 3. Helps us prevent from getting emotional. Emotional decision makings are usually almost always incorrect and will very likely take us off course.
  • 4. It keeps us on a methodical plan that can methodically melt fat away.
  • 5. It keeps us out of the realm of listening to our bodies emotional feelings that will usually give you ideas for the body's maximum comfort (i.e. ' you know I would really feel a lot better if you just ate a couple of cupcakes...' - that type of thinking we just don't need.)
  • 6. A system keeps the perspective that you are on a specific plan for a specific reason for a specific period of time. So therefore it keeps you focused on completing the plan and helps you prevent from feeling that a diet weight loss plan is just never ending misery. And that type of emotional thinking will not set well with your subconscious. If your subconscious perceives that you are hurting yourself it will stop you and cause you to stop whatever weight loss, fat burning program you're doing.
Fat Burning Workouts Programs & Fat Burning Systems
MAGNALEAN EXTREME SYSTEM A - As the name indicates, is a program was designed for rapid visible fat loss. This program takes advanced methods that use our CYCLOBURN principle as well as FEELGOOD principle which means that this system pushes rapid fat loss while coordinating still with the psychological & physiological balance that is necessary to coordinate with our subconscious mind and keep it happy which therefore can lead to great success fast without misery and without negative feelings of wanting to quit and Yoyo. Come to think of it this system is quite genius and is an accumulation of several decades of testing. This is definitely a fat burning system that you'll want to learn..

MAGNALEAN EXTREME SYSTEM B is a variation of SYSTEM A that takes a different approach. This system can be used on its own and is arguably equally effective as SYSTEM A, although it may be even more effective to certain personalities. We now like to cycle MAGNALEAN EXTREME SYSTEM A and MAGNALEAN EXTREME SYSTEM B back and forth for the most rapid fat burning while keeping things more interesting. Usually a two-week back and forth seems to work out pretty well. Each system is different though so you'll want to get each one and learn.

OZMK Method
OZMK METHOD Fat Incinerating Exercising Method is an intense biofeedback coordinating fat burning and muscle development, body shaping system. OZMK uses a new and unique style of exercise and movement that has shown phenomenal results quickly with little time involved.

FEELGOOD Fat Loss Method is a synergistic new method with exercise system that cracks the code on psychological and physiological level to obtaining a lean body and keeping that lean body. This method has turned out to be genius. It's turns the process of having a lean beautiful body into a very enjoyable one if not even addictive in a positive way. The health benefits from this method are fantastic. This method also boost confidence an overall feelings of well-being. Another must-have method to learn.

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