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Even The Slightest Amount Of Awkward Excess Body Fat Is Quickly Pointed Out By Most People?

Did You Know That Even The Slightest Amount Of Awkward Excess Body Fat Is Quickly Pointed Out By Most People?

Did you also know or realize that even having a little bit of strange puffiness, excess body fat in one area or another, let’s say on your back,  your lower belly,  could be your arms or triceps especially,   love handles, thighs, or even in your face  that excess puffiness, that excess fat stands out  quite a bit,  even though we all like to think no one sees it.    But they do.  And you probably see it in others as well.  And this happens especially when we get compared to other people who have that fully lean and toned or ripped and shredded (whatever look you’re going for)   in person or online.

Yes on that note,  the internet has made competition for attraction much more severe versus yesteryear.  The standard gets raised very quickly as a look becomes popular and people feel like they need to compete in order to maintain a love relationships interests. You can argue whether that’s true or not but it is a factor or it’s a factor that a lot of people believe in.

In days of the past where we didn’t have the internet we could just remain a little above the most inshape people of our general area, or our common associations in social gatherings, school and do great even though those people may not have been in very good of shape.   So, for example, if you were the least chubby of the bunch and then you could be considered the most attractive of the bunch even though your body fat percentage would be much higher versus the best in shape people in another area.

So on average, in observation, people with the least body fat who were not scrawny seem to be liked, loved,  respected and had the most people attracted to them while having lots of friends.  But you know this.  And if you want to give yourself and edge in at least having the option to be considered highly attractive, learn some techniques, strategies and systems that could help get you there like Cardio SHREDDED, for example.

And you may not think that’s not right and it’s shallow.  Ok.   But being lean and toned also represents health and so consciously or innately, that becomes an attraction factor to a lot of people.

Plus if people look at you and see that  you do a good job of taking care of what you’ve been given with your body then that also represents to  other people that you’ll do a good job with other things in life and that you will be responsible which is another attraction factor. 

I made a study of this mostly because I grew up in the health and beauty industry, medical and cosmetic.  So my parents always talked about these types of things.  Beauty and physical body shaping was a large topic of conversation.  Looking good is a big deal to most.  And when you know the advantages that can be obtained by looking good from just about every angle, and that you can do simple techniques to maximize good looks then you can then add to your own personal power and reap many automatic benefits. 

Additionally,  some local areas are more concerned about looks than others. That should be obvious but again with the internet that is all changing and you need to be able to compete because otherwise the person you’re interested in maybe having desires inspired by someone they see on the internet and they may lose interest in you, and unfortunately, that type of thing has been happening all too often. 

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