"Solving Weight Loss in Highly Efficient Ways for One's Ideal Lean Body..."

MAGNALean has been developed for the focus of discovering new techniques for getting lean and staying lean through our physiological logic approach which is at the root and core of the MAGNA Being brand.

Our approach from nearly three decades in health and fitness in combination what’s the research, testing and experience of others has been able to deliver many unique comic and cutting-edge insights for the losing of weight, meaning of fat to obtain that lean shapely body that most people desire.

We consider excess body fat to be a symptom, symptom of a greater problem. What we have found is that there is usually an underlying state of poor health that is causing the excess body fat and this should not be ignored.

An optimal state of health will address health from many angles including: Detoxification, ample nutrient availability for the body to use to run at highly optimized states, healthy air, healthy water, healthy emotional states, healthy muscles, joints, organs, and a healthy flow of healthy blood.

So consequently our primary concern is the optimization of Health to restore a natural beautiful body appearance. From there we have many advanced body shaping techniques that we have taken from the world of bodybuilding, fitness modeling and athletics. We will discuss such discoveries in part through articles on our site but more so through our educational products.

Excess body fat can be external or internal. We like to focus on making sure both are in line.

In terms of weight loss, burning fat through exercise, we understand that effectiveness comes through the WAY one actually does an exercise. We seek to share discoveries we’ve made in exercise and the fat burning, weight loss process.

We do not aim to be your health care or exercise professional. Seek the guidance of a competent, eligible healthcare professional. We do not intend to tell you what to do whatsoever in any of our articles, dinosaur informational products. All products: Diets, protocols, educational products, educational memberships, exercise products, or any type of product considered to be an “instructional” product: Are created from the author’s perspective of developing the informational product for themselves. These informational products are not intended to give you advice or tell you what to do. They are provided as educational representation so you may gain knowledge and understanding of what worked for the particular author. So on that note anything you do related or inspired by one of our products is your decision and you agree to work with a licensed healthcare professional before trying to emulate any of our educational, informational exercise programs, diets, protocols, systems, strategies in addition two nutritional supplements, products or foods that we may sell. In short, we are sharing our discoveries and our own experience and if you decide to copy what we do through our educational products, systems, strategies, protocols, memberships then that is your decision, it is your responsibility and it is not our liability for there can be many factors that are different for each individual that could cause results that are not in line with ours, or injury, or illness, or not design reaction due to your own personal state of health or the quality of your environment, foods, air, water or other substances or factors that directly influence your health.