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 Affiliate Promotion Ideas:

  1. Facebook Ads.  Try the different types of ads.  Don’t forget video ads.  There are new video making tools out there where you can even take a PPTX and upload it for the software to make a video with robot voices that sound really good.   Your voice maybe as or more convincing too.  Test it out.     Youtube ads of different types and the video ad as just mentioned. 
  2. Broadcast at least 3 preferably 7 times to your newsletter.  What do you send them?  You should know.  But… you could take a part of the sales letter (since we designed the sales letter for these purposes) and send it or modify it to your subscribers.  We’ve designed the sales letter in chunks, headline chunks so you can take a section and send it out as an email.  Keep in mind that when you get your prospects on our newsletter, our campaign for that product we will market them on your behalf and do so strongly.   
  3. We certainly want you to make an absolute fortune from promoting our products.  In fact, we have now HUNDREDS of products in the cue that  you could promote and feel good about promoting those products because they help people.   So therefore by promoting our product one after one you could potentially develop a robust side income.  So grow your newsletters!
  4. That said, if you have any sales conversion ideas to help YOU sell more for us to get done, that you know that work well from your own experience, let us know.  We’d be happy to get those done for you.
  5. There are many, many new ad networks to test out these days.  Dont feel stuck or bullied around by big ad networks. 
  6. Become an influencer yourself:  video, blogs, podcasts, instagram etc.  How?  Easy. Imitate those who are successful.
  7. Cheap PPC Networks.
  8. PPV.
  9. Banner ads networks.
  10. Find influencers and buy email blasts or shout outs from them.
  11. Find similar product owners and ask to buy a solo ad from them.
  12. Solo ads!  Send emails to people who are already trained to be on a newsletter, open emails and buy stuff!