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Skinny vs Toned vs Muscular What do Men Prefer?

One can say “to each his own” and there is “someone for everyone” and certainly there is truth in that.

But what do men really want…

No don’t just say beer football and sex… Let’s not get negative now.  A man who only wants that has given up and gone into his “man cave” of a closed off emotionally protective existence.

But in terms of looks what do men want?

Again we can say each prefers this or that.  But did you know that a man can train or be trained into what he’s attracted?  Did you know that a woman, or type of woman, or looks of a woman that treats him well, genuinely likes him, is excited about him, honors and respects him becomes more and more physically attractive to him quickly?

I’d thought I’d throw that in there as a bonus.

But the natural man what look does he like?

A real man, a man who hasn’t been brain washed by nonsense or jacked up on xenoestrogens prefers  qualities that maximize what a female represents which most of the time are quite opposite and complementary to him at the same time of what he represents as a man.

To be continued…


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