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  • MOST of looking great is in the mind state. Discover how to use advanced mindstate techniques for becoming good looking, lean, toned and staying that way
  • Discover the hidden factors plaguing a large percentage of society that is making them fat, "extra puffy" and very unhealthy. Find out how to eliminate those factors and obtain GREAT looking body at the same time
  • Learn about body shaping techniques with much faster results vs. the gym
  • Find out how to make your powerful subconscious mind your friend to quickly and much more easily obtain your ideal body
  • Learn about how to diet much more smartly. Arguably, most diets are a waste of time (and misery). Find out how to fix that to "reprogram" yourself for a lean, beautiful body as just something you are and something you express naturally.
  • Uncover the secrets of modern weight gain and find out how to deal with today's excessively challenges body fat and excess puffiness issues

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New Highly Efficient Approaches for Obtaining Lean Body, Fat Burning & Weight Loss with MAGNALEAN Weight Loss Systems, Diets & Workout Programs:

Most popular approaches for obtaining a lean body require much strain, drain and time put out by "fitness professionals" who think you have time to cook and exercise all day.  And unfortunately these unrealistic miserable weight loss, "lean body programs" cause many to simply give up. 

It's harder than ever to obtain and maintain a lean body, isn't it. Things have changed quite a bit compared to even 20 years ago due to the technology based life style changes and negative health factors such as chemicals everywhere, low nutrition density foods and a more sedentary lifestyle on average.  Unfortunately, all of these changes are making us gain weight, making us fatter, while making us look sick & more "puffy" if you will.

So, with greater lean body challenges, we need greater weight loss programs and fat burning systems, better weight loss diets, better weight loss cleansing programs and better body shaping programs to help us obtain that ideal lean body while making it easy to keep that lean body.    So therefore we are now sharing our highly efficient, highly effective, user friendly, subconscious friendly, emotional friendly weight loss programs, fat burning programs, fat burning diets, weight loss supplement protocols and much more  that we have accumulated and created over the past 3 decades.  

Minimum Effort, Strain or Drain Fat Loss to a Lean Beautiful Body - That's How We Roll...

On MAGNALEAN you'll get our exact systems, strategies and techniques that we used to achieve good-looking lean, shapely, attractive bodies with very little time involved, with very little strain, while actually feeling good doing it in the process and while increasing one's health potentially dramatically. We make our programs for ourselves to simply work!  So therefore you can be assured that you're getting a really good product!

Our programs work with the body instead of against it. Plus our programs work with our emotions and are subconscious friendly.  Those other "fitness gurus"  who have extreme programs that are not subconscious friendly cause their students to fail and enter a never ending failure loop.  Consequently, if one doesn't learn how to get their subconscious on their side then one will always struggle in the lean body, hot fitness body game. 

Yes, making your subconscious mind your enemy is a bad idea when trying to succeed at a thing like a sexy lean body. So learn from our over three decades of experience and learn how win at the lean body game while making it just about effortlessly easy in the process!

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MAGNALEAN is a brand dedicated towards teaching others how to achieve lean body mastery. But we have a special angle in which we approach this. We look to make having a lean good looking body a part of your personality and beliefs.  If you believe you are a certain way then your subconscious mind will go to work for you in powerful ways to prove your beliefs true.

We have no interest in these various amateur concepts that are but gimmicks or programs that go to extremes.  The body does not work with one shot magic pill thinking nor does it respond well to being pushed too hard too quickly.

Your body is a complex set of balances whereas if you push too hard and too far in one direction your body will snap back or it will just plainly snap! For example if your diet is too extreme most people will simply snapback hard and gain more weight than they ever have as their subconscious rebels against that extreme diet.

Also we are not interested in listening to "fitness professionals" who give advice based on their own full time fitness lifestyle, which is to workout and cook all day long. Seriously? Most people have much better things to do than hang around the gym all day and or cook all day.   Who has time to do that? That is so inefficient.  And if you listen to their advice huge chunks of time and your life will disappear with not that much to show for it. Additionally, you can barely enjoy the fruits of achieving a lean body if you follow them because you'll be consumed with cooking and working out way too many hours a day.   We  have found much better, more efficient ways for losing weight and obtaining that hot lean body most which they already had.

So if you're looking to have a beautiful lean body and actually have a life so you can enjoy the fruits of your lean body (and not being an obsessed gym and kitchen rat) - then learn from us! Learn from MAGNALEAN Products!

The Perils of Having excess body fat:

  • Mental and emotional misery
  • Self-deprecation and low self-esteem
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Rejection for others
  • Lack of respect from others
  • Can't get a date or keep one
  • Relationship problem
  • Vast almost never ending list of health problems and health problems to come
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Smell funny
  • Excessive strain on the joints
  • Increased injury risk due to lack of agility and due to lack of agility to avoid problems
  • Increase risk for all sorts of disease
  • The more fat one has the more toxins they can Harbor in their body
  • Ostracization from peers
  • Lower chances of success
  • Missed love opportunities
... To name a few.  Excess body fat is an ill, diseased state as some health care professionals say.  It's time to stop playing around with excessive body weight.  It's time to get serious and finally figure out how to burn fat off for good and achieve a lean body continuously.   And it's time that you learn how to coordinate the mental and emotional side of obtaining and keeping a lean body so a lean body state becomes the state of being you crave and that makes you feel really good, with no toleration for anything less...


Efficient, Enjoyable, Weight Loss Programs, Lean Body Systems, Diets, Weight Loss Protocols and Fat Burning Workouts Especially Designed for the Busy Person for Providing Rapid Results with Very Little Drain While Providing More Energy, Confidence and Happiness...

Training Program Memberships for a Lean Body


Lean Body Membership Program

These are check list systems using foods, supplements and or activities for the pursuit of achieving a desired end result look.

Our lean body membership program is designed to represent a full plan of action on a monthly basis for a lean body, the eradication of excess fat, creative, tested, body shaping and toning methods to create a good-looking body. The plan includes an eating system in simplified checklist style design for busy people in particular (like us!), a workout system for generating metabolism boosting accelerated fat burning using perceived exertion methods so anyone can do from the level of fitness from which they are starting and we have a supplement protocol designed to support the overall excess fat burning process while seeking to increase overall health at the same time.

Get a New Fat Melting Workout Designed for Maximum Efficiency & No to Little Energy Drain. Get More Energy. Feel Better. Look Better...

It's very easy to get bored of a certain type of workout. We get bored fast! Plus our bodies tend to get used to a program usually within 3 to 4 weeks. So therefore we have found that by alternating different types of workouts, we progress much more quickly in our lean body pursuits. The whole process of exercising becomes much more fun and adventuresome by having a new workout each month. So therefore we have created a series of workout systems for fat burning and we've decided to share them with you on a monthly basis through the TORCH30 membership program.
Each month will release a new workout system with a different way of moving that makes they work out more efficient. We have many techniques and strategies collected and created over the decades that evolved out the professional bodybuilding world, making it more efficient and healthy. Once you learn each system each month you will then "own it", which will make that system like a fat burning superpower that you can use on command into the future. Get started below - we think you'll be glad you did.

Get a New Diet Plan Monthly - Designed for Efficiency & Low Time Requirement Using Singlular Exact Action Steps

Our bodies our adapt quickly to our diet or eating Style. In order to be more efficient when trying to lose weight and burn fat it is a smart strategic thing to change up one's diet, or eating system for weight loss, on a regular basis. But the problem is most people don't know what to change up their diet into, that works. So therefore we have created EVERLEAN30 that will provide you a new monthly weight loss, fat burning diet each month.
By having a new fat loss diet each month the speed of weight loss can go much more quickly & efficiently. It's a lot more interesting by switching up one's eating style periodically. And making the process of obtaining a lean body as enjoyable as possible is very important to success on the emotional and subconscious levels. Also by switching up one's eating system on a fairly regular basis then the body can obtain different nutrients that may have been missed in a previous eating style.
Try EVERLEAN30 Today and start learning these eating systems. Understand them and get them down pat, then you'll be able to use them anytime in the future to be able to quickly trim down towards your ideal looking body.

Systems & Protocols for a Lean Body

magna lean fat loss and weight loss protocols

Fat Loss - Weight Loss Protocols

Our fat loss and weight loss protocols involve either a formula for supplementation or a formula for eating certain foods. For example one protocol could contain a series of supplements to address weight loss assistance or fat-burning assistance from a certain angle that we have discovered over time and reveal to you.

Fat Burning Workout Systems

We have generated many fat learning Systems over the years. Systems could include workouts, or eating systems, supplement systems or other creative approaches to getting lean and staying lean especially in today's environment which makes it harder than ever to do so for most.